To the undecided,


About five years ago the furnace in our seventeen-year-old house went out. We were thinking of possibly going with Geothermal. We gave Brian a call and he came out and did an energy analysis which told us we needed to make some minor updates to the house. It also told us what we could expect from our Geothermal unit. We thought it was a bit expensive compared to a new furnace and air conditioning unit. But according to the analysis the Geothermal would pay for itself in under ten years. Still nervous we ordered the Geo unit.


In the meantime, my neighbor, who is a pluming and heating professional told my brother that this was going to be the biggest mistake of my life. He said that Geothermal doesn’t work north of Missouri. We were just sick. After thinking about it for a while, I called Brian and told him we wanted to cancel our order and why. He laughed and told us we will put in the Geo unit and in one year if for any reason we are not happy he would take it out and put a new furnace and air conditioning unit in of our choice.


So, we decided to go that way. Brian was very particular about the installation. We had to make what I thought were major modifications to the existing duct work. Much of it should have been done when our house was built. (contractor cutting corners)


Jump five years ahead, the unit has paid for itself and were are extremely pleased. We keep the house between 70-71 in the winter and 73-74 in the summertime. Our total electric bill is less than our neighbors and they heat with wood and LP. In five years the only problem we had was a bearing went out on the blower motor. We gave Brian a call and he was out within an hour. He put a new motor in and we never saw a bill. Oh ya, as for my neighbor heating guy, heard his company is trying to break into the geothermal market now.


In all honesty, from the bottom of my heart, please consider Geothermal. It was one of the smartest decisions we have made. I personally would only allow Brian to do the installation. If he does the analysis and it is put in the way he says it should be done, it will do exactly what he says it will.


I know if we had not gone this way, we would have regretted it.


Mark & Christy